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Design and Build Outdoor Patios and Pool Decks

Custom Patio Designs for your outdoor living space or pool.

 Our talented team will work very closely with you to create a relaxing retreat or entertainment hub that you crave for your home. We have years of experience designing and installing all kinds of patios and pool patios throughout Southern Maine. We always infuse each project with expert craftsmanship and well-thought-out plans to ensure your new outdoor living space flows perfectly with the rest of your property. We love to turn that boring outdoor concrete slab into a beautiful crafted stone patio with your dream outdoor kitchen for family gatherings and parties with friends. Let us help you create and bring out the style of your home with your own custom designed outdoor living space.

The materials used are entirely up to you, but, some common choices are paving stones, flagstones, tumbled stones, fieldstone, or brick.

Outdoor Patios with hardscaping

While many types of hardscaping can sustain an excellent appearance for many years, all pavers, wall blocks, and other hardscapes still fall victim to general staining, wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions. Just like hardwood floors need the occasional polish and cars need regular oil changes, hardscapes benefit from preservation in the form of inspections, cleaning, and sealing to restore their original appearance and protect them in the future.

Pool Decks 

Hardscapes, just like any other part of a residential or commercial landscape, require regular checkups. Natural impacts such as settling ground or the growth of tree roots can impact hardscape placement, displacing or cracking individual pavers, rocks, or bricks. Keeping an eye on these issues with regular checkups will help you prevent larger problems and schedule treatments.

Defining Lines Landscaping Company Scarborough, Maine

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